V is for Viva Las Vegas!!!


Ya heard right!!!

V.V. is taking her single, fat ass over to the big kids playground!!!!!

V.V. in Vegas, Baby!!!!!

My best friend sent me the link to hit up Vegas for a Rockabilly filled weekend!! Purchased my full access pass right away! Almost in tears, ready to cry with excitement!!! Such a huge trip! To a place tons of people die to visit at least once in their lives! I’m not going for the gambling!

Oh No!!!!

We’re going for Little Richard! Pin Up Girls! Hot Rod shows! Tattoo Expos and Pool Parties!!!

We’re trying to decide on spending the money for flight and hotel or making a road trip out of it!! I’ll have to charge my camera, for sure!

Ya see how thrilled I am!?!?!?! The event isn’t until March and I’m talking and prepping myself as if I’m going after my shift?!?!?!

I suppose you all know what this means for this little femme, chica! Shopping!!!! 🙂

I have THE perfect leopard print skirt for one evening of fun and parties! Must find some more peep toe heels! Have an adorable shirt from the last Rockabilly Festival I hit up! OMG! I’m ready to scream!!! Oooh and bust out with the capris and peep toes! Must buy more hot red lipstick and stock up on the eye liner!!! Holy crap!!! Did I mention more peep toe pumps!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! This the biggest Rockabilly Event in the country and I’m going! Vulnerable Verbiage is going! Fuck! It’s good to be single and free to do things like this!!!!!

And guess what my silent readers?? I’m taking you with me!! If and when I have the chance to keep y’all updated I will type to my drunken, girlie filled mind’s content!! Ssssssh!! I will do my best to break the golden Vegas rule. I will tell all of our on goings while frolicking on the Devil’s playground! Who better to share the fun with?!?!? Besides, one day I can look back on these blogs when I’m old and grey. I can think, V.V., you’re one crazy bitch! LOL! And that’s exactly how I wanna look back on my life! Fun filled! Didn’t miss a chance for something new!


Me and my girl…hopefully girls. We’re waiting on one response. Just found this out tonight and we’re clouding this chick’s Facebook up with information!! Begging her to come with us!!

She will…with enough pressure!! 😉

Come Hell or High Water we’re hittin’ up Vegas Pin Up Gal style!! 😀

One thought on “V is for Viva Las Vegas!!!

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