This is just wrong on so many levels. Granted I don’t care for a profit on my writing. However, it’s just wrong to take someone else’s talent and claim it as your own to make a buck! WRONG! WRONG!

K'Anne Meinel

Today I woke to an email from another author and fan who informed me of a seller on ebay who had appropriated my work, ten pieces of my work actually, and was selling it on ebay.  I then proceeded to contact ebay in several different ways to have them remove this ‘product’ that this individual had no rights to.  I am giving you ALL the information to caution you about this ‘seller’ in Australia whose ‘store’ is selling the works of other writers and their intellectual property, profitting, and giving the author’s no compensation.  It is hard enough to write a story that appeals to your fans but to have someone blatantly steal your hard work is horrible.  It’s NOT the FIRST time this has happened, it won’t be the last, and it certainly isn’t the FIRST time this ‘seller’ has done this.  Please be aware of his vagrant theft.

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