Femme In The House!!

It’s happened!! My own apartment again! In the city! Right where I belong!! My rebel, fashionista, eclectic heart is singing and dancing in it’s chest!!!

Granted, it’s not all mine. I have a roomie! 🙂 Which is how I prefer things as well! For once in my life a cat isn’t attacking my allergies! Sad part about this endeavor is that once we had signed the lease my roomie had to head up north for work! Was so looking forward in colliding our tastes in decor!! Yes! Believe it or not!  Well, we both agree on getting a red couch! Yes, I’m on the hunt! My mind is toying around with all the fun things one can include with a red couch!

I love it! My first apartment, on my own, I had a fabulous purple set of sofas. This round is gunna be red!!


It was taking me 45mins. to an hour to get to and from work. Now! It’s only 15mins.!!! LOVE!! Gas money in this chicks pocket for shopping!!!

I have already scouted out the resale shops and burned holes in my hot pink cheetah wallet!! Poor little bank card. The magnet strip money will need to be replaced in a few short months I’m sure!

As some of you know, I left Ex Hubby with only a few items that I could load in my father’s car. So, I’m off buying warm, snuggly jackets! I’ve already replaced my Ren Fest costume for a much hotter one involving a sexy corset!! Meow! I’m also on a mission to find the perfect bright red couch!! The one piece of furniture Roomie and I have seriously agreed on!

There was a bright red chair at the resale shop the other day that I had to walk away from!!


So, if ya haven’t heard from me in awhile. I’m working my booty off! Shopping for awesome deals to get the apartment together! And tending to a needy little pussy for Roomie while she’s out of town!!

Speaking of awesome deals!!!

After going through countless ads I happened to find a queen size memory foam mattress for only 80 BUCKS!!! Still in original packaging!!! I’m a bit excited! Ya know my happy ass immediately snagged that fucker and hit up the closest department store to find the coolest bed sheets!!! I did! I certainly did!! The mattress is airing out as I’m typing this at work!! 😀 Ooooh!! To get home from work and grocery shopping tomorrow morning. Make my bed and snuggle in it!!!

I also need to plan a day to get a truck to pick up the dresser that is waiting for me!! My bedroom is coming along practically for free!!! I’m good! Sooo damn good at shopping!!!

Let’s hope the red couches I found are still around when I’m ready next paycheck!!!

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