To the Haters





I’m one of those people that doesn’t just believe anything that’s told to me. One particular woman has informed me about another friend of mine being a player. That she cheats on all her girlfriend’s. The only thought that came to my mind was, “This affects me how?”

Let’s remember that I have no desire to have another girlfriend. I have a lot of me to get back to. I love every day of it. A shiny new boi is not in the cards for me at this point in my life. As you know, I have my regulars that I talk to. They’re great friends who have been keeping my head above water in their own ways. Sex on the regular would be nice…but not the drama that comes along with it. I can spare all that mess using my two lovely fingers on my right hand.

I was warned about this boi who likes to cheat. Told the chick that I was just a friend. Told the both of them that everyone has a story to share. There are two sides to every story and somewhere in between is the truth. 😉 The boi and I have started talking as friends on a semi regular basis. Where this femme has been hiding in the shadows. She tried to make a move on Daddi while I was collared. Now, she’s spreading bullshit about my doing something behind another friend’s back.

*Ahem* If you’re gunna talk shit? Don’t you think it’s wise to get all your facts straight? Like who’s dating who and when?? And perhaps you should observe just how close all parties are involved with each other. Naturally, given my own experience with crazy lady and putting together what the boi had told me. She’s deleted from my life. Not that this particular femme was much of friend. She’s definately the type that I don’t care to associate with. This is why I’m not friends with very many femmes. They’re one true desire seems to stir up drama where there is none.

Surely, y’all can dig up better dirt on me than harmless phone fun? 😉

On another note, there’s certain women going around and posting random snarky comments on my posts. I know who they are. I actually sort of pity them. I’ve been the housewife…ya get bored. When you get bored I suppose your mind wonders to some amazing places. Like, say, thinking that I want to get back together with ExHubby.

Oh you poor soul. Haven’t you heard the stories from her. We clearly weren’t happy! And if she told the stories honestly, she would have told you that I broke up with her so that we could be happy. Neither of us realized the truth behind “loving someone enough to let them go” until that moment. I was there when her job fired her for being gay. I was there when her mom and grandmother told her she was going to hell or that her life was wrong. I was there when her mother went batshit crazy and drove three hours to pick up her brother. We went to hell and back and hell again. I got tired of burning. She wanted to stay in the fire. I was done. So, during your free time. I have a lot of it. Consider that. Even when I was in my lowest point during this break up I still didn’t want to get back together with ExHubby. I couldn’t! I’m not happy as a housewife. And when she suggested that I was using her for her money…that was the end!

As many people can see. I am doing quite well without her. I wish her the best. I’m happy that she’s found happiness. Truly, I am. That life wasn’t for me. The only reason I’ve made contact with ExHubby is because I’m getting my place very soon. I just wanna know if my stuff is in the trash or not. I don’t care if it is. But, if it isn’t I’d gladly come and pick up my things. Making more room for you and your happy life. Let’s remember..I pointed you out to the ex. Irregardless of the trashy behavior you expressed to get her attention.

Eh. I know she’s got a thing for women in distress. So, she can come in and save the day after a nasty divorce from that mean ol’ husband of yours. Housewife’s gotta get by somehow. Judging, from your posting on here, only to be mean. And the email I got recently…I’d say you got some kinks to work out.

I have a great group of friends that love me for me. I have my job back. My own car. In my name. I’ll be back in the city in no time! Exactly where I love to be.

I’m not sure what gets passed on from one girlfriend to the next when stories of the ex come up. I do know that you can’t believe everything you hear. Did she tell you she was begging to have me back? Did she tell you she wanted to have phone sex with me shortly after you confessed that you loved her? Nah. That would ruin her perfect image. She does a great job with that. Coming from a preacher’s family and all.

I’ve said my apologies to ExHubby. Over and over again. For every way that I have wronged her. It’s called being unhappy. I’ve spoken to many people regarding my actions and everything that became of her and I. We weren’t happy. I have friends that didn’t even know I had some of those actions in me. “This isn’t the V.V. I know.”

I moved to prove my love for her. I dropped everything for her. Know that I have no desire to do such a thing again. I don’t hate ExHubby and I didn’t think she hated me. The issue is you.

Friend and family members who either hear my voice over the phone. Or see me notice the huge difference!


I’m good, folks. I’m better than good. I’m amazing! I have the independence I’ve been missing. The control over my own life I thrive for. The only ones I answer to are myself and my boss at work.

Just the way I like it.

In the meantime, little ExHubby groupies. While you’re conjuring up nasty comments to leave on my blog. You should think about how it actually makes you look. You’re not doing anything to my image.

2 thoughts on “To the Haters

  1. I think a lot of the things you said in this I can actually relate to. I was in a relationship for almost six years. By the end, it was pretty clear we needed to part because we weren’t good for eachother anymore. I will always care about her, I just have no desire to be in a relationship anytime soon.


  2. Same here, Hon! And certainly no desire to be in a relationship with her again. So, the accusation of such is quite irritating!
    You’re lucky you still have the heart to care for your ex. I’m not sure I have that in me after the break up. Her craving to control everything took a toll on everyone. Not just me. My dad and step mother too.
    Who knows what the future may bring. They say. I just don’t have any desire to be affiliated with her in any way.
    I’m really quite content in being alone for a little while. Planning a trip to Vegas and New Orleans all within a year!! Girl’s weekends!! San Diego and New York are other ideal vacations. Who knows? Maybe Hawaii too! I love this freedom and having the means to do it! I love not having anyone giving me a bunch of excuses why I can’t rather than finding ways to make it possible!!
    Loving my life! Couldn’t be happier! Haven’t been this friggin’ happy in a really really long time! 🙂


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