Christmas Is On It’s Micro Way!!

Surface with Windows RT!!!

I’m on nights and the best commercials come on at this hour!! Yes…commercials while having an open, frustrating laptop is not! I repeat NOT a good thing!!

I have been bitching about this laptop for a few years now!!! It’s survived a few viruses and a blown out cooling fan! A 17yr. old horn ball!! You will not believe the pics I just finished cleaning out of here!!! It’s all gravy…I’ve been there, Dude!

I have a Coby tablet that Ex-Hubby bought me as a trial tablet. I don’t touch it because it moves so damn slow. I type as the thoughts come out. The keypad couldn’t keep up! I can’t find a keyboard to go with it! It was a cheap thang to see if a tablet was something I would regularly use.

YES!!! Those are different colored keyboards that click onto the tablet!!! Hot pink or the turquoise!?!?!?!? Hot pink, huh!! Yea! Yea!! Ya feel me on this??? 🙂

I don’t do a lot with this laptop!! I browse pictures for my baby, Vulnerable Verbiage. Save a bunch of personal pictures and write. I don’t think I need to mention the social networking. Both personal and V.V. (there’s the link to V.V. Facebook 😉 )!!

So, I don’t ask for much in a computer. I don’t do editing for photos or video! That’s another project I am constantly back and forth about. *EWG*

I should have a fair amount of extra cash roll in this week….

Seriously! SERIOUSLY thinking about a pre-order?!?!!?

Don’t anyone utter a word about the IPad!! NOT GUNNA HAPPEN! 😉

I will do a little more research on this hot shot of a tablet before I enter my precious credit card numbers!! So, far…V.V. likey!! 😉

CLICK! CLICK! BOOM! I have one pop stop computer station!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Is On It’s Micro Way!!

  1. Never, ever, buy the first release of any type of computer…. let me repeat that NEVER, EVER, by the first release…… Untested, unfounded and bound to have endless bugs… it is Windows afters all. Take this from a 20 yr computer Intellectual Badass….. 😉 I’m changing my phone number for the first 3 months if you get this “darling” lil time bomb. Look into a small laptop… I’ll even help you find one. Just stay away from the shiny toys… well this one anyway! Love ya… Mean it!!!


  2. Auntie Wicked, I think my heart just broke…
    I can’t exactly jump out and get it tomorrow..I’ll have to wait a bit. Hopefully some reviews will be out on it by the time I’m ready to buy it. And a price reduction….Hmmmm….
    I want something I can take with me easily. So, that anytime I have an idea I can tap it out the puter and post it with a quickness for y’all 😉


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