Feelin’ Butchie, Femme? Strap up!

I don’t typically “top.” It’s not in my nature. I like having control outside of the bedroom. Once those doors are closed, I wanna give in completely to the butch I’m with! Ordinarily, I want a butch to literally claim and take ownership of my body. Yes, I said ownership! I want that butch to own me in the bedroom! It’s not even in an S&M reference. It’s purely the butch and femme. It’s that secret, sexy communication. That connection, we seem to be able to understand. Even if I am the one giving pleasure to a butch. Going down on her/hym. I still feel like the sub to their dominance. The femme to the butch.

Lately, though?

*raised eyebrow & chuckles*

I’ve been feelin’ pretty damn butch!

I don’t know if it’s my regained independence? Sexual frustration? DAYUM!! I wanna buy a fuckin’ harness and cock!

I tell ya people! I have some butch tendencies. My walk has even changed…

It’s gotta be this over accomplished pride feeling growing inside me!

I know that there are other femmes who strap on the regular. I know that bottom butches exist. I got it. What I’m saying is that it’s soooooo unlike me! Unlike me, to take hold of a sexy feminine woman’s neck and kiss her.

Yea. I did that. 😉

Unlike me, to grab said woman’s leg pulling her on top of me to the point that she gets up and straddles me while I sit in a chair.

Hmm…I guess sexuality is fluid.

Even touching this woman was completely different. She smelled so good, her hair falling on my face. The way she’d smile and giggle. Now, I know how incredibly sexy giggles can be. She was adorable.
I will not share what else had happened with us at the bar. We were asked to get a hotel. And that’s as far as I’m gunna go. Wow! I got to the house I’m staying at and texted her to let know that I got home safe. Apologized for the mishap.

She texts me back wanting to come sleep at my house that night.


I had to reject her due to my current living situation!!


Would’ve been fun. I was feelin’ really really butchie. Cute how we were trying to gain control from each other during our kissing. But, good God! Her straddling me?? I’ve never wanted to own my own cock so bad in my life!!!

Another time, I was sexting a boi I know. Wanting to fuck her in every which way possible. In every fuckable orifice possible. I could feel the harness tight around my hips and her pussy squeezing my cock. Picture her looking up at me while she sucks me off. Down to cumming inside her!

Seriously, the butch has never been so strong through me!

I’m gettin’ some overtime pay on this next check. Looks like I’ll be browsin’ the toy store for a decent dick…

7 thoughts on “Feelin’ Butchie, Femme? Strap up!

  1. Daaaamn girl..pretty hott!! Imma fem but like to take control, not sure I would use a strap but I think its sexy, 😉 love your readings so far ma….


    • The dong ain’t for everyone. I get that. But, it sure does feel good to switch things up a time or two.
      It’s quite unusual for my butchie tendencies to go on this long. LOL!
      Thank you for reading, Babe! Glad you’re enjoying the posts! 🙂


      • No problem..lol, I like all women always wanted to know how you would get off using a strap..I mean the person using it gets off but I guess its not that hard just don’t think I would although I have my days….I like using my mouth and that turns me on watching someone get off like that…iam dominant in bed just would fill weird with a song lol 🙂 hope to see more 🙂


  2. The base of the cock hits on my clit, for one thing. The other way is that she likes it. It’s a BIG! HUGE turn on to please a woman. I like that your hands are free. Your mouth is free to kiss and touch all the other places!! 🙂
    LOL! Oh you will, Darlin’! Stay tuned!! 😉


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  4. LOL! MainelyButch, I’d much rather be topped. I love being “taken” and dominated in the bedroom. Every once in awhile I get a strong urge to strap up and I want a femme. Not a regular thing for me at all! It does get me by some nights LOL!


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