A Smooth Stone..



A very close and personal friend of mine sent this to me wondering if it was a decent explanation for stones. I thought it was so well written I begged her to let me post it on my blog!

Please! Keep reading!

“Unfortunately the term Stone has been taken out of the context of what it actually is and many that identify as Lesbians say they are a Stone Butch when they are different from each other. I am not a Lesbian but rather am more transgendered as many like myself do change their sex. I do not desire to change mine as although I am female bodied I embrace that I am of both genders more male then female. I like being soft without facial hair and the contradiction. Stone is not just in sexuality for a true Stone but a way that they are or I am in all areas of life. A way of being of thinking. Sexually, I am always the pitcher never the catcher to use an analogy. I have boundaries in touching me. I strap on and my strap is real to me and not a toy and I feel pleasure through it. Although I can feel without it. In order to feel pleasure I need to satisfy the other person because it is from their pleasure that I can be pleased. Some think that Stones are untouchable and cold which is truly a myth and an old school way of thinking. I am touchable in more of the way that one would touch a male. Usually Stones are more hard looking then I am so I am told and have observed. I like that I am gentle-looking and deep and sensitive and I do not believe that to be male identified that one has to negate these qualities. I treasure them.”

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