Thank You!!

I’m taking a moment to say thank you to all of those who are following Vulnerable Verbiage. A lot of you don’t comment, but I can see that you’re reading.

I appreciate that! 😉

The people on’s a bit difficult to thank every person or group who is following. I’m still learning my way around there!! 😉 But, thank you all for following!! I have 305 people following me on wordpress and I get a bit excited when I see the view stats go up!! Even on the days that I haven’t posted anything!! I didn’t think I’d have 5?!?!?! Plus, emails asking for advice and phone calls from people that knew me before this blog! I love helping other people!! Espcially, my butches who are struggling with femme issues.

Ha! One friend even asked why I haven’t shown them any kind of “up’s and down’s?” I told her I take my meds, like a good girl! I’ve been staying focused with the things that I want out of my life! I’m blessed considering the challeneges that were that were trying to keep me from moving on! Not much gets me down and not much really pisses me off anymore. I’ve got my sense of self back! That plays a huge role in my emotionaly stability again!

I’m not on my own just, yet. But, wow I can smell the hardwood floors on a new place. One thing at a time, I tell myself. But, I’M doing it!! Fuck! That’s a damn good feeling! 😀

So, for those that knew me as this mess a few months back…or years. V.V. in her sexy, independent skin is here! TO STAY!

Those asking for advice from me. I appreciate y’all the most!! Believe it or not. You’re keeping me thinking outside of my little Cancer shell.

This is my little diary. You’re in my head when you read my blogs! It warms my heart to know that people are reading my crazy ramblings of nothing.

There’s my appreciation thank you. In one quick swoop!

I’m sorry, I haven’t been writing much lately. But, my schedule has changed to night shifts, recently. I’m still trying to get on a decent sleeping and daily routine. I have some blogs in the works. Just need to pick and pluck a few hairs here and there on them. I’ve also, been quite busy with car shopping, helping friends, and apartment hunting. Lots and lots going on!! And that keeps me going! LOVE IT!!

Thank you all so much! Huge southern girl hug to everyone! 🙂

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