These Things Happen


As some you may have noticed. There are several blogs missing as well as a blogger.

Simply put…it just wasn’t working out.


This is why I was hesitant to have a girlfriend become a blogger here. Why I’m hesitant to have a girlfriend at all!

This is my little space. I know I don’t have a lot of readers. That actually comforts me. It’s airing my crazy to the world with nobody to actually hear you.

Ya know when things are so fucked up and all you wanna do is scream at the top of your lungs? The only thing that keeps you from doing so is because whoever hears you is bound to come and ask if you need any help.

I usually choose to drive around, find a place to park that looks beautiful and scream at it!! Scream at it’s gorgeousness! Its perfection while everything around it is falling apart.

And when you bring any kind of a friend or lover into your little cubby hole in the world…your cubby is cracked! Lights are coming through, doors opening. Suddenly the entire world has stomped on your comfy pillows and blankets you were snuggling up to.

I’m free in every essence of the word. I can fuck who I wanna fuck, kiss who I wanna kiss and they can leave whatever the fuck they please on my page. Disregarding the fact that my mother and grandmother are on there.

That’s my little ditty today. I have another in the works. However, due to today’s events I thought would inform you that I’m back down to one.


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