Techno Sex

As much as I can’t stand that most of today’s communication is through the internet and exchanging of numbers. I’ve found ways that I actually enjoy it. I enjoy the not knowing for certain if a butch online is going to be able to do me right! Wondering what their voice sounds like after several exchanges of emails. Having my own picture in my head how they’d look at me while fucking me. That initial slip of their cock inside my dripping pussy. After a few imaginary strokes..what would they say to me? And at what part of my body are they saying it to? Is it in my ear, soft breath on my neck? Perhaps, on the small of my back?

Is it typical for a woman to enjoy the mystery and unknown of it all? Is it fun for us? Considered another form of foreplay? As most of us do genuinely indulge in foreplay more than the actual BIG BANG! The build up. Anticipation. Wondering hands and deep passionate kisses. Legs opening and closing. Throbbing clits and juices wiggling between your pussy lips!

Or should I go deeper? Pun always intended! 😉

A friend of mine told me recently that I could be partaking in the online lifestyle because I’m afraid of commitment. It was like nothing for me to agree with partaking in one. Damn them all people knowing Leos! They think they’re so smart. She knows how I feel about relationships. Or how I don’t really feel for them at all. The sub/dom Life…it’s a different relationship. I guess, depending on choosing the right Dom…I’m reconsidering that relationship, as well. I’ll stay on topic and refrain from going A.D.D. as best as I possibly can.

Just…ya know….

Girlfriends?!?!!? Woa! Hold up wait a minute!!!! Stop the friggin’ Lesbian moving truck!!!

What the fuck? Ya say, “Hello and how are you? Wanna fuck? Wanna date? You’re mine, Bitch!”

Fuck that mess and squish it with your red peep-toe stilettos!!!

Why? Who the fuck says that just because two women are talking and having sex that they have to get involved in a serious, monogamous relationship with each other?

Why? Why the fuck can’t I just get to know some butch? We have fun together when we get the chance. If we fuck? Awesome! If we just cuddle? That’s great too! Or if we just take each other out to events rather than going solo.

I like having that time away from being a couple. I enjoy my time with my friends. And my (if she ever appears) girlfriend should too.

Ya want real?!?! Honest, raw, realness. I abhor relationships!! It has absolutely nothing to do with the butch or girl or femme or tweener. It’s me! I don’t care how many snuggly wuggly feelings develop could ya not try not to box me into this stupid world that is girlfriends!

I do my thing. You do yours. End of argument! No compromise! No hour long conversations on how to make the other person happy.

Just fucking chill! And stop! For the love of all sanity…let me be!

2 thoughts on “Techno Sex

  1. Very thought provoking little cancer… I think all of us have had that very same thought process at one time in our lives. Being much older than you, I thought at my age, i would want to settle down and be the happy hubbie,,, i have come to the conclusion, its not for everybody and thats ok. I have done my time, so to speak. I appreciate your words and the intent behind them. Its not for everybody, but in the end, they arent living your life for you, you are..So ABSOLUTELY enjoy every moment of it.


  2. Sad to say it. But, I feel a bit safer online than I do going out to some skanky bar and “hooking up” with some frat boi who’s been drinking all night.
    At least, with online flirtations I have some kind of an idea as to what I’m in for the night I actually meet the butch.


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