Detachable Penis

I had the strangest dream about my giving a speech to one of my most closest friends. A speech going on how awesome my friend is to a crowd of people. When this event was over and drinks were swallowed everyone left for their rooms. My friend and I gave a each other a huge hug and took our drinks to our rooms with us.

My friend’s sister had to sleep on the couch in the living room. I was going to share a room with my sister. However, she was already passed out with all sort of crap on her bed.

Needless to say, I passed out on the other couch in the living room.

The next morning, I awoke to a woman stroking my cock?

HUH!?!?!!? My cock?

Ya heard right! And it gets pretty damn detailed. She’s stroking my cock and yes…*gulp* I have precum oozing out. I never cum. This chick just keeps stroking and we’re watching the precum make my dick wet!?!??!

What the Fuck? What the Fuck, Indeed!!

Next thing I know it! We’re done and I take the entire genitals off! Precum soaked dick and balls in my hand.

Off to the bathroom to clean them off.

Last thing I remember from this dream was my stroking this apparatus with soap and water. My looking at it like what the fuck just happened?

It was a real, fully functioning penis….why didn’t I get to cum with the girl jerkin’ me off!?!? How did I have nerves and the ability to cum when this piece was clearly detachable!?!?

Damn you subconscious! What the hell was that all about??



3 thoughts on “Detachable Penis

  1. I have a personal Facebook and a blog Facebook. Due to my job, I try to keep these things as seperate as possible! However, my personal Facebook has access to the Facebook groups I am in. I’ve asked for the member’s permission and even recieved approval from the admin herself for me to copy and paste the comments. There are a couple of names who are not abbreviated and that is because they me permission to copy and paste the comments 😉 V.V. is obviously Vulnerable Verbiage! Enjoy the comments 🙂

    J.P.: lmao..
    L.B.: Yeah I just did a what the fuck is that myself and then all thinking eluded me…and I shook my head and tried to steady my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing and ended up with a yeah I have no idea what that is all about….

    V.V.: riiight?!?! Romeo de Sade has been laughing since this blog went up. and all i wanna know is WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?!!? and why the fuck didn’t i get to cum in the dream? it’s a fully functioning penis…i should have used it! lmao!!
    perhaps that’s just the femme side of me lol

    Valkyrie Pride Ok well obviously you have a desire c if even just subconsciously, to know what it feels like to be able to feel that. Maybe even to know what it feels like to fuck a girl with it and be able to feel what its like inside her. I could be wrong, but that’s what it says to me.

    V.V.:i thought about that Valkyrie Pride. but, then i’d figure i would have had sex with the chick giving me a handjob. rather than head off to the bathroom to clean it off? right?

    Valkyrie Pride Nope. You didn’t cuz you can’t. Your brain wad putting that tidbit of logic in there. But you wanted to in the dream you.

    V.V.: hmmm…i don’t know…lol

    Valkyrie Pride Desire meets physical limitations in your psyche and creates this dream. You know its ok to admit it. No one will judge you. Actually plenty of lesbians have that fantasy I’ve found.

    L.B: watching Sarah work through this one……lol

    V.V.: i wouldn’t mind admitting it. as long as i was sure that was what it was all about. i really don’t hide much at all, Valkyrie Pride 😉
    the thing that mostly runs through my head is that most sexual dreams have nothing to do with sex at all..

    V.V.: maybe, i need to find a girl to strap it on for?? i doubt Romeo de Sade would be keen on that, though lmao!

    Valkyrie Pride Sometimes that’s true yes. But I’m hard pressed too think what else this could be about. Just saying. Only you have the inside info for that guess.

    V.V.: when i do crave strappin’ i wanna fuck a butch lol!! i get off more pleasing a butch and doing the unexpected for her and her liking it 😉 there are a lot of life changing things happening with me right now. i’m taking full charge of my life and gaining the independence that was lost while i was with my ex for five years.
    it is such a relief!! again…with this relief…i should have cum!! lmfao!!

    Valkyrie Pride: Hmm you have a little bit of Butch personality in you don’t you.

    V.V.: ha ha a bit, yes. sneaks out every now and again. but, i am dominantly a femme 🙂

    Valkyrie Pride Always interesting to see the little hidden personality traits that pop out of seemingly nowhere in people.

    V.V.: isn’t it?!?!? that’s why i love meeting new people!

    Valkyrie Pride: Well hi there then. Lol!

    V.V.: Hey-o! 🙂

    Valkyrie Pride: You almost sound like a switch.

    V.V.: uh..not so much 😉 i really am a big time femme, bottom, sub lol not enough masculine energy in this body and mind to consider myself anything else. though, most women that i have dated can spot the butchie when she comes out lmao!

    Valkyrie Pride Lol! subtle I’m sure. But that’s why I said almost. And very telling that you knew exactly what that term meant lol!

    V.V.: ha ha oooh yea, buddy 😉
    i do believe that we all carry some of both sides of the gender spectrum. just some more than others. and some directly in between. i’m waaay more femme than butch 😉 and my gawd how i love butches lol!

    Valkyrie Pride ya I’m in the middle I think. still figuring out lol!
    Lol! You certainly do. Gotta say that you conjure some pretty interesting images in your writing.

    V.V.: there you go with that word “interesting” again 😉 i’m taking that as a compliment lol 😉 glad you’re enjoying my blogs 🙂

    Valkyrie Pride Its is. And I am. They’re fun to read.

    M.S.: LOL i loved this blog baby girl

    Romeo de Sade: now baby you know damn well that once in a blue moon I’ll let you switch it up

    V.V.: thank ya, mama!

    J.P: I couldnt tell u how many time Ive woke up with a hard on..Thank god no one can see it

    M.S.: i have never dreamed of owning a penis…

    J.P: I must admit I have….

    V.V.: baby! i said a girl not a boi! lol 😉 but good lawd!! it’d be fun to to strap it on for you YOU!! mmm from behind!! YOUR SWEET ASS!!!!!

    Romeo de Sade: lmmfao……..

    Random Wickedness: Commented just for you… 😉 and let me just tell you the total control feeling you have when you stap it on for a butch! OMG… Let my Domme side fly that night!!!

    Romeo de Sade: speaking of morning wood…….

    M.S.: ‎Random Wickedness, yep yep and fucking yep

    Samruff: Someone call my name? (Morning Wood is me) hehehe

    L.S.: yeah that is wtf, keep it away from me…

    Random Wickedness: Oh my… You guys are gonna bring out the ~EVIL~ Side in me… I better go fold laundry~! lol

    Romeo de Sade: lmao….yes, yes I did say morning wood lol


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