As I’m sure most of you have guessed. I’m quite intrigued with the world of BDSM. For as much as I have read, fantasized and played into this world. I have through the years, wanted to dig deeper and experience the beauty and pain of it all! I was collared by my Dom on the evening of the 7th! It was quite an experience. Because we live in different states we made this work quite realistically. My Dom, is a spectacular mindfucker! She set a time frame for me to pick up my collar by. Furthermore, if I misbehaved, I wasn’t allowed to buy my collar that night and would have to wait. When I got to the store I darted for the collars!!

On a mission!!!!

I arrived at the lovely selection. I say “lovely” not because there was much to choose from. But, because I was enamored by the thought of having one of them around my neck on a fairly regular basis. Signifying my sub status. I took pictures of the three choices and sent them to my Dom. One must learn to be a bit creative…

This being my first real Sub Collar I wanted to do this wisely and to both of our likeness.

I was on the phone with my Dom the entire time. Either texting or calling. She was able to be a part of this from five states away!!

While coming to a decision…I was trying like hell not cum in my jeans!! Shocking myself as to how real this all felt even though we are committing this five states apart!

We agreed on the black vinyl dog collar with white rhinestones on it.  Gripping onto the little strand of rhinestones on my way to the register. Blood rushing all over my body like a pot of boiling water! I could hear my Dom chuckling at my knowing what this purchase is for but the clerk not having a clue. Minor embarrassment compared to what awaits me in our future.

Try to remember your first time purchasing feminine products? It was your very first time. You feel like blood is spilling through your jeans. To the clerk you’re just another customer with a box of pads.

That was me! First time buying a collar, cum dripping between my legs!! Holding this collar like it’s the bars of a headboard during a good fucking!

My dom instructed that I send her a paragraph about my experience buying my collar after I listened to the Lords of Acid song “ABC’s”

“From the moment i parked my car i was on a mission to get my collar. in a complete zone through the wal-mart. darting to the pet section. i stopped and looked at the toys in sheer enjoyment for what else my syr might have in store for me.
there weren’t many to choose from and almost gave up hope on finding my collar. even choosing it didn’t feel completely my own. i’m so thrilled at being your pet i want to behave for you.
when i got home with the collar in hand. it dawned on me that i may have to explain my buying a collar. as we don’t have any pets here. suddenly embarrassed i consider a swarm of excuses. i’ve worn collars before as a teenager. but this THIS is different.
i’m your pet, syr. this collar is my trusting you with our sub/dom experience. my giving myself over to your command. my nipples are getting hard just thinking of this experience pleasing you.
you told me not to put my collar on until i’ve heard the Lords of Acid song “abc.” i obeyed, daddi. “g is for the gag” and i wrapped the black vinyl strap around my neck. running my fingers over the white rhinestones. imagining my daddi smiling down at me with pleasure. satisfied to have me as her pet. i will do as you say. i will keep my collar on unless you’ve told me to take it off. or have given me permission to take it off. i will keep it on because i want it on. i will love my little black collar. thank you, syr for this experience.”

This amazing, fulfilling rush exploded itself all over me! Everything inside of me changes. My breathing changes, my eyelids grow heavy. My brain is silent. Even my environment changes to some dark, secret and gorgeous world.

When I don’t have it on? I am confused as to how our relationship is outside of role. Now, when the collar is on, I forget my place. Yet, the original intent and feeling that had engulfed my insides from the first day are always very much present.

It’s an odd thing to describe. My being such an independent and assertive person in one part of my life. To this comforting submissive side in another.

3 thoughts on “Collared

  1. I have recently purchased my own collar with three chains. Now I feel sexy and submissive. Just getting into this world and I’m enjoying what I’ve already experienced.


  2. anafemme- It’s been years! Years I’ve been dying for this sort of relationship!!! It’s a rush I can even begin to describe.

    Shiralyn- Your collar sounds sexy. Hmm..what to do with those chains! LOL!

    Our next purchase is going to be a posture collar! DAMN! That gives me chills just thinking about it!! 🙂


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