Femme In Charge For a Night?

Let me preface this by saying that I love butches! They’re really the only gender I can feasibly see myself growing old with. The only gender I can whole-heartedly fall in love with. Have amazing sex with. And experience the right kind of balance I aim for in a relationship. I can feel her/hym. Empathize. To an extent, I can relate to their invisibility. I walk as an invisible lesbian. Butch…is just ignored as woman trying to be a man or fear that she’s/hy’s a pervert.

This post isn’t about my love for butch. It’s not about my understanding her/hym. It’s about my own main frustration that arises every time. Just after I’ve fallen into enough comfort to be able to express my dominance.

Have you any fucking idea how difficult it is for me to be the one that takes charge in the bedroom?!!?

It’s pretty similar to a butch?!?! Most butches don’t let a femme go down on them unless they’ve reached a sort of comfort level. A sense of willing vulnerability.

How would you figure that it would be any different with a femme’s sexual interactions?

It’s rare! For the most part, I admit to being a total submissive in bed. Think up any other derogatory name you want. Pillow Princess/Queen (that doesn’t soften the ignorance of the term), Lazy Lesbian…yea..keep going.

Butches love it. So, Fuck off! Don’t knock what you don’t understand!

With that being said. Knowing your own boi trust issues. You have to know that as a typical “bottom” that my taking charge in the bedroom is another level of comfort with you. I can’t speak on behalf of all femmes, of course. This is just my stance on “top” confidence.

I prefer to be a bitch to my butch in the bedroom!! But, damnit, every once in awhile…I wanna be the boss. If I want it..give it to me! LOL! If I tell you to whip it out for me to suck you off. Fuck! Whip it the hell out without a bunch of fucking questions.

Definitely, don’t patronize me about making this dominant attempt. I’m still being a little bitch…I’m sucking you off, right!??!

Am I being ridiculous? It happens every fucking time. It has made me wonder if I should date femmes. But, fuck, I’m not drawn to them like I am with a butch. I’m hooked on everything else about butch women!

The fight for control has always been the issue when dating them, though. Be it money, decisions, driving or fucking. Somehow, an argument or struggle for control arises.

There’s my damn rant. I’ll just fucking lay on my back and spread my damn legs, Boi. Wishing I could for once “own” you for a night.

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