Bad Blogger!


I know I’ve been slacking on this the second I got it started. Those who have commented here or on facebook. I say thanks. It’s terrifying sometimes to lay all these thoughts out there to the world. I am very often misunderstood. And with that being said, I’d like for it to be recognized that I don’t post my erotica stories as an advertisement for my cunt!

I’ve received emails repeatedly that are quite disturbingly perverted. Chills down my arms, violated, FUCKING CREEPY!!! And not in the same beautiful fear I try to express in my erotica blogs.

I am a fan of erotica. I’m a huge of fan of the BDSM world and have a relentless desire to dig deeper into the Life.

Let’s get one thing clear here. You don’t just “take” anyone you see on the street and assume the want you because you happen to have the same fantasy…or that what they wrote “got you off” So ya wanna share the fucking experience with the author! GROSS!!

I think the internet is a little devil in disguise. We all have fun chatting and meeting new people from far away. Meeting all sorts of people…and there is the devil. Those creeps that contact you because they think you’re hot.

What the fuck is with the mentality now a days?!?!?! She wore a short and revealing dress..she asked to get raped?!?! HA! Little does anyone fucking realize…it’s the girl wearing a frumpy t-shirt and blue jeans that was the victim. Rapist don’t want strong women. They prey on the weak.

What you creeps are doing is worse than a rapist! At least a rapist is out in the fucking open. You can spot them. You can usually see who your rapist is. On the can’t see these violators. All you have are their sick words, a blank picture, and the chill going down your spine.

Leaving you wondering if it was someone I know or not. A difficult paranoia.

Thank you for letting me vent. I believe I will check my settings and find out if there’s a way to keep people who don’t have a picture or a name (other than anonymous) from posting or emailing.


I have a few blogs in the works. Just trying to get them down for you.

  • Friends With Benefits
  • At Hys Will (part 2)
  • My Security Blanket

Again, I’m really sorry for the delay in my writing. Keep reading. Post comments. Share! Share! LOL!! 😉

4 thoughts on “Bad Blogger!

  1. Unfortunately when you put yourself out there, you open yourself up for assholes to take your words and twist them. Turn them into dirty little messages that you never meant to say. Your words have beauty. Don’t let the internet rapists take that from you. 🙂


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