Looking For A Tough Butch


I met her at the bar this evening. She asked the bartender what I was drinking and it was delivered to me. Typical me, I ask, “Who bought this?”

I’ve had men buy me drinks at the girl bar and have had to be a bitch to them in refusal. Even in the lesbian clubs men still think they have a chance.

I’ve been single for months now and haven’t been touched. Unless, you count hours of trying to find some butch/femme hardcore porn and masturbating. Tonight, I want a butch! Tonight, I am like a tiger in search of prey. One little hint of desire for me and I’m ready to pounce.

The bartender points over to the woman at the end of the bar. I wave and smile a quick ‘thank you.’ Stop with the general obligations.
She’s kinda hot, actually!! My long eyelashes caked with mascara fall down over my eyelids while I look her over. Light brown hair and killer blue eyes. Yum! Without my knowledge I am already breathing heavily and biting my hot pink lips. Her dark blue shirt fits her perfectly. I can tell she has strong arms beneath the sleeves. I need those arms around me tonight.

Her hand reaches for her beer and she tips it in my direction. Smirking before taking a sip.

Damn bois and that smirk!! I think she knows she’s already got me. I give her a nod and slowly draw the straw in my mouth. Playing my tongue around it before taking a sip. After I’ve swallowed my Jack and coke mixture I stare directly into her eyes and smile with pleasure.

If she doesn’t know to come over here by now I’ll have to be the gutsy one! Not a fan…but I always get what I want. If I want a butch she’ll know it! We’re eying each other and laughing at nothing. As I’m contemplating how to make my next move if she doesn’t make hers! A friend of mine grabs the seat beside where I’m standing. Sweaty from dancing all evening.

“Oooh! I need another drink. Can I just take a sip off yours? What is it?” She grabs it from my hand before I even answer. Dianne, gives me a nasty glare. As if I forced her to take the drink. I roll my eyes at her. She should know by now that we don’t drink the same liquor. I try to find the butch that was playing with me earlier.

Where did she go? I think to myself. I bite my lip and try not to seem so obvious. Fuck! I lost her. I begin to tune into what Dianne is babbling about. I love my friend, dearly. However, she knew what I was after before we got here. Some huge, fat, dominating, butch cock! Tongue and fingers work well with butches too. I just wanna be fucked senseless tonight!

“Mhm.” I answer to Dianne’s questions. The usual, ‘are you having a good time?’ Holding back the mean little comments going through my head. Until you showed up! Grrr!! Still standing, I lean over the bar and grab my cigarettes. Just as I light it I feel a strong hand touch my shoulder. Her body so close behind me I can smell her cologne.

 A woman whispers in my ear, “Ya need a light?”

Not knowing who I’m answering to and still a little pissed that the butch disappeared. “No, thanks. I got it.” And I quickly light it. Thinking whoever offered might have left from behind me. She touches the small of my back. My dress is backless, revealing my tribal tattoo. Naturally, this gave me a little chill.

“Did Jane get your drink right?” She says. Dianne still running her mouth. I’ve totally zoned her out by now. Concentrating on the woman behind me now.

My eyes dart at the bartender and then down at my drink. Noo. Is this her? I giggle to myself. I turn around and my breasts already have blood traveling through their veins. My clit is practically begging to be played with. Damnit! I wasn’t expecting this reaction so soon. She’s so sexy. So unexpectedly confident. Butches don’t flirt like this anymore. At least, not usually. I find myself always having to make the big introduction move. The big move screaming, ‘You’ve got my attention!’ They rarely follow through like this. At least not with me. I don’t blame them. If I saw myself in a bar I would assume I’m straight too. So, I don’t mind making the introductions.

Giggling, I respond, “Oh. It’s great. Thank you. Jane, couldn’t have known this. I haven’t been here in awhile. But, I quit drinking.”

She’s confused now, “But, you drank it?”

I smile, fixing her collar, “I couldn’t refuse. Had to get you over here somehow.” I hold up my glass revealing that I’ve barely touched it since. I hadn’t. Dianne took one sip and was grossed out!! Whiskey isn’t for everyone.

She chuckles a little and holds out her hand, “I’m Harper. Well done.”

Licking my lips now, “Thanks. Glad it worked. My name is Elizabeth.”

Harper reaches for the strand of hair that fell in my face during our handshake, “Ah. Like the queen.” She grins.

“Exactly. Like a queen.” I respond starting to fuck her with my eyes. From her short faded haircut down to her biker boots. Damn! I think to myself. Already forming my own fantasy with her in my head. Not knowing yet whether or not she is the butch I’m looking for tonight.

This foreplay is already getting under my skin. It’s all part of the fun, I know. Now, I’m wondering if she came here prepared for a hungry femme like me. Sneaking a quick peek at her crotch trying to see if she’s packing. Grrr! Calm down, Elizabeth. Damn, I should have worn a different dress. She probably notices my nipples are already hard for her lips! They are? Oh! They are! I let out a devilish grin readjusting my long necklace. Drawing her attention to my breasts. Good butch. She followed my hands as we’re chatting about nothing in particular.

Dianne turns her head in our direction and goes off to dance some more. I silently, take back my nasty comments I thought up earlier. Harper, orders me a Sprite with lime and another beer for herself. I lean over into her ear, resting my hand on her chest only to trail up her neck. “Excuse me. I think I should freshen up.” I tell her.

Harper grins, “All right.” I pull back and give her a devilish little wink. Walking away as my hand caresses over her thigh. Big steps, one foot directly in front of the other. Strutting in my five inch stilettos making my ass shake with my dress. It is my best feature and yes, I do use it to my advantage. I check over my shoulder, pretending to fix my hair and to see if she’s watching or following me. She’s still sitting there. Sloshing down her damn beer! Damnit! Get up! I’m done playing!

Telling myself to calm down as I enter the lady’s room. I take a deep breath and pull out my favorite pink lipstick only to tuck it back inside my clutch. Figure I might as well take advantage of being in here so I don’t leave her at the bar twice tonight. My heels clicking to the open stall. I reach for the door but it’s pushed open from behind me and a hand is around my waist forcing me into the stall. The door slams closed and this fool locks it. She twists me around and forces herself against me. Her tongue darts in my mouth and she bites my lip.

“Oh my God!” I yell. “What the fuck, asshole?” Trying to push her off of me.

She grabs hold of my hands and then I realize it’s her! Recollecting myself, I smile at her. Almost laughing. She’s smart. Had me fooled! I lean in to kiss her again as Harper pulls down the straps of my dress revealing my breasts. Pushing herself against me until I can barely move. I’m already trying to catch my breath. She’s forcing her tongue in my mouth. She wedges her knees between my legs causing my little black dress to hike up over my hips. Wiggling and squirming without my permission! Stupid, eager body of mine! She’s grinding her hips against my clit through my panties. There it is! And I release a moan as I feel her cock grinding my pussy through her jeans. How did I not see this bulge I feel so hard on me now??

Harper pulls away from our kiss. Grabs a scarf from her pocket and shoves it in my mouth. Sucking on my neck she whispers, “Sssh. Don’t make a lot of noise.”

Me, being the cynic I am. Rolled my eyes at her. What makes her think she could make me loud? As soon as I was finished thinking it, she grabs my hands and holds them behind my back. Fuck! She’s strong! Her other hand is pulling the zipper of her jeans down. Oh! God! I’m screaming in my head already.

She whips out her cock and looks down at it. Naturally, I look down too. Oh! I should have told her it’s been awhile! That cock has got to be at least nine inches! Flesh colored. Probably her personal dick! The butch cock, I bet. Her butch cock! Aren’t I the lucky girl? I think…

My legs tighten around her thighs. I’m shaking my head. Fear growing in my eyes at the size of that thing! She takes hold of her cock and rubs it against my cunt. I didn’t even realize I was that wet! I spread my legs open again for her. My body is quick to desire her inside of me. My clit is sensitive to her pressure and movements. I let out a long sigh, closing my eyes, my head falls back. Harper, slides her cock inside of me slowly. Muffled moans escape through the scarf.

“Mmmm. Hmmm!” I mumble.

Her head is cocked back in pleasure. “Mmm! You’re bad.” At this, she puts full force through her hips and goes in deep. All nine inches invading my pussy! My eyes stare at hers pleasantly terrified of her going faster. She’s thrusting in and out real deep and all the way back out again. My legs climb around hers. Pulling her into me with every thrust. Mmm perfect, I sigh in silence.

Harper, releases my hands from behind me and grabs my ass. The girth of her cock in my tight pussy is bringing me to pleasurable tears. She lifts me up against the cold tiled wall resting most of my weight on her legs. She starts fucking me harder! The scarf falls out of my mouth and between our chests. I hold on to her shoulders and behind her neck.

“Oooh fuuck.” I moan.

“Sssh. Damn! You feel good on my hard cock!” She starts pounding harder. My breasts bouncing in her face now. Harper snatches one in her mouth and bites my nipple. The bite sends tremors throughout my entire body down to my throbbing pussy. I can feel her all the way inside of me. All the way into my stomach. One more good thrust and I cum so hard. My insides pulsing on her butch cock. Fuck! Yes! She’s the one!

Harper pulls out of me real slow. Evidence of my pleasure dripping off her dick. I bite my lip as I watch it move when she changes her stance. I wanna fall to my knees and suck her off so bad.

“Not yet. Turn Around.” Harper commands. Obediently, i do so. Looking over my shoulder and spreading my legs. I bend down a little more so that she can see my ass perfectly. My dress in tangles around my waist. She traces her finger over my tattoo and down my crack. Harper, slides her cock inside of my dripping swollen pussy again feeling even bigger than before.

“Mmmm…god…fuck” I cry. My legs starting to tremble. Ready to give out on me. Harper, takes hold of my waist pulling herself deeper into me. Her hand reaches over my stomach and her fingers find my clit.

*Slap* “OH MY FUCK!!” I yell! Legs shaking and my pussy throbbing so hard! I know I just squirted a little from her slapping my clit while fucking me.

She must have grabbed the scarf at some point. Next thing I know it, it’s back in my mouth. Harper’s moving much faster now! And fucking me so deep I know I’m going to walk out of here funny. Her fingers are rubbing around my clit while she’s fucking me so damn deep. I know I squirted on her butch cock. She’s fucking my insides with no friction now. I feel my cum starting to drip down my thigh. She takes hold of my hips again. Dragging my hands down the wall to bend me over more.

Muffled moans and screams through her scarf. One of my hands reach behind me to grab her thrusting ass! Oh god I asked for it!! Everything inside me building up to explode. She gives me three amazing, deep, hard thrusts and I release the hardest orgasm I’ve felt in a long time. My legs shaking with each pulse. Pouring out of my pussy like a leaky faucet. Harper slowly pulls herself out of me again. I’m hugging the wall in front of me. Enjoying the still cold tiles as I’m falling down the floor.

I hear her boots scuffle away from me. “Ok. Now you can suck my cock.”

Looking over my shoulder. Exhausted and dripping wet, throbbing and still cumming. I turn around resting on my knees and take her cock in my hands. Bringing it to my mouth, I can smell myself all over it. I look up at her to see her smiling down at me. I open my mouth wide to take the whole thing down my throat. I grab her ass as I feel her falling backwards. Her strong hands reach down to my head, pulling my sweaty hair back. Her hips moving back and forth again. All nine inches sliding in and out of my mouth. My own juices dripping down my throat. I can smell her from here, though I know now not to touch. Her moans force me to slide her cock faster between my plump pink lips. Her hips start slowing out of her control. Orgasmic jolts through her body down to her cock. I look up at her again. Her scent is stronger now and I see her smiling down at me. I release her cock from my mouth and place it back inside of her black boxer briefs, slowly zipping her jeans up.

I climb up to my feet staring at her leaning against the stall’s wall in pleasure. I nod my head and find my little clutch. Reaching inside to find my eyeliner as I walk out of the stall. There are two other women standing in line. Ooops! I giggle. I give them a wink as I pull a napkin from the dispenser and walk back into the stall. Leaving the door open while she readjusts her shirt and toying with her hair.

“I want to see you again sometime.” And I hand her the napkin with my name and number written in eyeliner. She’s exhausted and out of breath. I give her a long hard kiss before strutting out of the bathroom.

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