Dance With Me

I imagine. Blissfully. A cool, thundering, rainy evening. Rain drops clinging on the window pane outside my window. I have ear buds with calming, blues music playing in my head. But, I can still hear the thunder rolling outside. Flashes of lightening skip through the curtains. With the lightening and thunder come the soft thoughts.

I’m wishing there was a handsome butch gazing at me as I write this. I smile back at her. Blushing almost. She takes hold of my hand from the keyboard. Gives me a soft kiss on the lips while unplugging my ear buds. She moves the computer from off of my lap. I’m totally confused with what she’s doing and just giggle, “What are you doing?”

She gives me a cute smile. That smile that tells me she’s up to something but she knows I’ll like it. Going along with her secret plan I get myself up off the bed with her pull.

Once I’m off the bed, she wraps her arms around my waist and holds me real close. I can smell her own body scent mixed with her cologne. Butch women can only smell this good with cologne. I wonder why the smell is different with them?

She lifts my chin with her finger and gives me another soft kiss. She starts to move her feet a bit to the low music from my laptop. Our bodies close together. Barely dancing. I relax a little by now.

Resting my head on her shoulder as she caresses my back. I feel her breathing against my chest and I wonder if she feels my breathing. I can’t help but rest my hand on her chest. I turn my head around and stare at my hand on her chest. Feeling relaxed against her. My mind has silenced for this moment.

Our breathing, soft touches, kisses. Running our fingers through each other hair. Small, sweet, silent smiles. For no reason, other than enjoying our little moment in this space.

I don’t even see this room anymore. We’re just lost in another place, together. Music changes tracks. Yet our own rhythm stays the same. Just resting against each other in a lighthearted dance. Perhaps we’ve begun our own music to the breathing and heartbeats bouncing off of each other. The energy through our touch. We created our own music.

My legs want to give out beneath me. But, she holds me tighter. As if to let me balance off of her. Another moment passes through my insides. My chest is ready to burst and I want to cry. I realize again that I love her. This dance refreshes my heart with that feeling all over again. Like, it’s the first time all over again.

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