At Hys Will


I awake in a pitch black room. My hands still bound behind my back. I hear heavy footsteps and clanking down the hallway outside my chamber door.

Creek! Clack! The door opens, blinding my sleepy eyes.

A harsh voice from the doorway calls, “On your knees, Slut.”

My bare buttocks still burning from my previous punishment. Muscles too weak to move. I knew better. I’ll behave today. I struggle to get to my knees without the balance of my arms.

“Move it!” My Butch barks from the door.

I’m still tempted to tell her to fuck off. That got me the studded cattails last time. Scratches still tender across my bottom. Dried blood flaking off of my skin with each movement. One big step toward me and she takes hold of my chin. Fear of not knowing her temper this morning. Or is it night? I’ve lost track.

“Be on your best behavior today. Though, it is such a joy to discipline you, my Dear.” She growls rubbing her thumb over my quivering lips. “Mmm. You’re bound to fuck up. We’re not even finished with my plans. Bratty little cunt! You embarrassed me! How dare you? Eli’s cock not good enough for your pretty mouth?”

“No Syr. I’m sorry, Syr.” I utter bowing my head. Trying to be good for her.

Her muscular arm wraps around my sweaty torso. I feel something cold and smooth against the crack of my ass. I’m trying to gauge it’s length and girth with each stroke along my rear. “Was hys cock too much for you, my Dear?”

I nod, yes.

An evil smile has formed across her soft lips. I wish she would kiss me. I know that she wont. Not when we’re playing. Not when she has that tone. That form of intimacy is for special occasions. When she’s gentle and making love to me. Regaining my trust in her all over again. Reminding me that her punishments are for my own benefit. Forgetting my place, I sigh and relax my butt for this object.


She slaps my ass with her free hand! I hold my breath. The bruises throbbing and scratches stinging all over my hyde. If I make any noise I’m ruined for the day. She’s still pissed at me for last time. Damn. I can’t control it! What an impossible request!

Such a huge cock to force down my throat and then asking me to hold back an orgasm. I was fucked by all her butch friends. On my back stretched atop that retched wooden crate. I was strapped so tight I couldn’t squirm an inch to readjust to their harsh thrusts.

My pussy was done for by the time we were alone. We’re alone now. She’s much nicer than her friends. I know, I messed up. I don’t mean to for her. I honestly, don’t give a fuck about her monstrous friends! They’re nothing like My Butch. My Butch caresses my ass after she’s pounded me. My Butch gives me warm baths soaking in Epson salt for the wounds she’s laid on me.

“Your sweet ass can’t take anymore cattails. Can it?” She whispers in my ear.

“Yes, Syr.” Trick question? I wonder.

She rises up over me again. I can smell her cologne from down here. I see the bulge behind her black slacks. I want to unzip her pants and take her cock in my mouth. I need to make it up to her, somehow. I rest my head against her crotch. Like a kitten nuzzles up to it’s owner.

My Butch, Taylor. So incredibly charming. Even when she’s not, I see it. The way she looks at me when her friends slap me around. I see her turn her head when they use their whips and other gadgets on me. The cock I couldn’t swallow last time was Eli’s. That’s her best friend. Her mentor, she tells me. I could learn a lot from hym. Yet, Taylor barely lets Eli have at me like she does the rest of her friends. Eli is cruel. Really painful. Hys hands are calloused, hys muscles overlap each other and hy never skimps a slave on a thick dong. I know my inability to suck hym off caused a weird relationship for them. Hy saved hymself for last. Thankfully, My Butch had a small party of ten that time.

I should’ve taken that damn cock.

“Hmmm! You need a bath.” With that, she pulls me up by the armpits. I’m trying to make out all her little gadgets hanging around her belt this time. She’s always prepared. And I can never make out what her plans are with anything she carries. My Butch has spanked me with a paddle only preparing me to get fucked with it. This flashback and my cunt still swollen from last night. I feel myself getting wet. Please, don’t. Not yet, I’m sure.

“I’ll teach you to insult my friend!” She barks at me down the hall.

Pulling me by my tied wrists she opens the door to what looks like some kind of communal shower. The walls are the same cold stone dungeon walls in my previous room. However, they’re not bare. Neither is the ceiling. Massive instruments with long chains and ropes dangle in waiting. To my right, is that stupid crate. Cocks and harnesses laid out neatly on a silver tray.

I didn’t realize My Butch was watching my face. I’m trying to control my breathing. My nipples bruised from the ropes and slapping a couple of days ago. My Butch points to the center of the room, “Hurry now.”

Walking to the center of the room looking at the floor. Trying to figure out what this room is about. Judging from the table, I know I’ve been here. Yet, my mind doesn’t register anything. My body pulses and tingles from my previous  performance are taking over. I notice something in the center. What is that between the shackles?

I hear a loud bang above me. Holding back my squeal but she laughs at me anyway. Resisting the urge to look up or over my shoulder. Wait for her command, Rachel, I tell myself. Don’t fuck up today.

“Hands above your head.” My butch struts toward me. She looks up above me. My eyes follow hers. The chains are falling down over me like a curtain. Clanking against each other.

Oh God! What is this for? I wonder as she takes my hands from above me. Turning me around to face her. My Butch gives me an almost sympathetic stare.  Holds my wrists in her hands for a moment before she unties my bounds. When I’m loose she takes note of the red marks around my wrists. At this moment, I am tempted to sob to her. Tell her I’m ok. But, this is just an assumption. Taylor brings my wrists up to her mouth. Giving each red crease a kiss.

What is this? I’m confused. Those moments are not brought here.

“Move this shit along, Taylor!” A barley voice cracks from the corner by the door.

Oh! Fuck no! Tears are forming in my terrified eyes. My Butch reclaims her part again.

“Tisk. Tisk. Pretty Girl. You will have to pay for that little stunt the other night. Eli?” My Butch, looks over her shoulder.

I look pass my handsome Taylor. Eli, is rising from a chair in the corner. Stomping towards us. Hy takes hold of my face with both of hys rough hands. “You’re going to take my cock, Bitch!” Hys breath reeks of cigarettes and bourbon. This tells me it must be late in the evening. Eli doesn’t even start drinking until after Hy leaves the shop at six. Squishing my cheeks together hy shoves hys tongue in my mouth! Keeping my eyes open, I see My Butch squint. Kissing is ours. Everyone knows this.

This is my punishment. To be handed over to Eli. Forcing My Butch, my Taylor, to watch. I realize Taylor is being punished, as well. She’s giving all control over to Eli.

I’m terrified.

I try to apologize to her through my eyes. Taylor, just tips her head back. Crossing her arms over her chest. This mutual torment comforts me somehow. I stare at Taylor.

Admiring her stunning attire. She’s always so handsome. Even as My Butch. If you saw her on the street you wouldn’t have a clue about what goes on in these rooms. I didn’t. I met her at a coffee house months ago. She caught me reading some crazy S&M novel. I had come out to my family a few months before. My first girlfriend was a sweet femme. I needed more sexually. We broke up and became amazing friends. She’s the only person who knows where I’ve been all this time. She knew about my meeting Taylor. Our conversations. How I felt about all the shows and parties Taylor took me to. Unbeknownst to me that I would soon be a part of them.

I hate Eli! She’s absolutely barbaric! Bright blonde high and tight cut hair. Her eyes always glare down. I can’t find any sense of decency behind her. Eli, is never dressed respectable. Not like the rest of Taylor’s friends. She typically dons a pair of ripped up tight Levi’s and a muscle tank too short for her pumped up chest. Finished off with her gigantic biker boots. I giggle silently. How much I do love her ass. She’s incredibly strong. Much stronger than My Butch. 

My Butch pulls two chains from the ceiling and clasps the cuffs around my wrists.

“On your knees you stubborn little twat!” Eli yells. Hys grown tired of this small moment of intimacy.

“Eli! You may have your way with her tonight. But she is still mine!” My Butch barks back.

“Right. My friend.” Eli grunts. Shoving My Butch aside. This upsets me and I unknowingly glare at hym. “Taylor, lower the chains. Get on your knees, Princess.”

My Butch, rushes to the control box that unravels the chains down to my kneeling height.

Eli is grinning from ear to ear. Hy shoves the crotch of hys blue jeans in my face. The seam touching my nose. “Unzip me, Whore.” Hy rolls hys tongue around in hys mouth. I open show my teeth to grab hold of the zipper and I pull it down.

Drip. Drop. Eli spits on my forehead.

The same ten inch cock from before flops out from her jeans. I have to behave for My Butch. I never thought I would get spit on. I feel like scum. Unwillingly, I open my mouth and take the tip of hys cock inside.

“You don’t give butch head much. Enjoy it!” Eli grabs a fist full of my hair and shoves her fat cock deep down my throat. I want to gag. “Take it, Princess.”

My Butch yells from behind us, “We’re not there yet, Eli! Her throat isn’t stretched that big!”

Eli is shocked, “Oh. Really?” Hy grunts. “Hmm. Hmm. Well then.” Hy tosses my head away from hys crotch. Pounding boots echo through the room. “I’ve got something for that.” Hy winks at My Butch.

Over by the chair hy was sitting in is a vintage black medicine bag. Tools clink and clank against each other as hy searches for hys preferred gadget.

Eli’s boot clunk on the floor toward me. Holding the tool fiercly in hys hand. “Open wide, Princess.” Hy shoves the icy metal contraption in my mouth.

My Butch wipes away at her mouth. Forms fists beside each leg. I’d rather her do this to me too.

“You will learn to take Butch Cock!” Eli grabs me by the hair again. Forcing hys dick down my throat slowly, at first. Hys mouth widens, breathing heavier with each small thrust. Hys grip is pulling my scalp. My throat tightens. I can’t take this.

Eli’s thrusts going deeper down my throat. I’m practically gagging on hys black ten inch piece! Hys broad hips prevent me from seeing My Butch. I usually try to find something in the room to focus on. When My Butch’s friends have me. I focus on her. Hys hips jolt faster and I can smell hys cum through the opening of hys jeans.

Eli, pulls out of my mouth. My saliva dripping down my chin and off the tip of hys dick. I close my eyes. Eli, struts behind me still holding my hair.

There’s My Butch. Ferociously red.

I can see her chest heaving in anger. Her eyes are concentrating on Eli. The metal object still in my mouth. I want to close my lips and seal up my cunt. Hys control has me dripping to the cement floor and I don’t like it. I’m done sucking your fat cock, asshole!

Eli, grabs me by the throat from behind. I loose my breath and my blood shoots throughout my body. I hate Eli! My back against hys chest I feel all hys force beneath those muscles.

Hy calls over to My Butch, “Fetch me a leash, Boi!” Hys cock grinding against my ass. My Butch tosses a short leather dog leash to Eli’s hand. Hy quickly clips it to the hoop on my leather collar. Laughing. This is driving my insides wild. My breast pounding through my hot flesh.

Eli tosses me down before hym and pulls on the leash.

“Aggh.” I choke my wrist scrape against my shackles. Hy forces hys big black cock inside of me. Hys entire body moving behind me.

Hy tugs on the color, “On all fours and spread your legs wide.” I obey following My Butch’s eyes studying Eli. I hear more clanking.

Eli smacks my bruised ass three times! “Spread your legs! You should be open for anything.” I do so, inverting my back and raising my head to the ceiling. This leaves everything available. Cold metal clasps around my ankles! Eli reaches around my waist and smacks my erect clitirous hard!

“Aaaah!” I scream through my mouth piece.

Hy slaps it again harder. My juices slipping through hys fingers. Hy snatches my clit with hys fingers and pounds my pussy from behind. “Shut up!” Holding my clit tighter.

Oh my fucking God! I’m going to burst! I don’t know if I should! Eli shoves hys cock all the way inside me several times before I can’t take it anymore. Hy pulls himself out to finger me. Softly. Smoothly inside of me. I want to drop my head and relax as hys fingers slide in and out of me.

Tears forming when I look at My Butch. I’m so relieved with this moment of gentleness. Yet, I fee as though I should be ashamed by Taylor’s stare.I’m doing what she told me to do.

Suddenly, a harsh yank on my neck. Lifting me off of my hands with my back against Eli’s again. Hy pulls the mouthpiece out. Hy arm wrapped around my neck. Turning my head to face hym. Hy forces another kiss from me while intruding my ass with hy enormous dong! Hy moans on my lips while I try to hold back another scream! Holding my neck tighter to hys shoulder hy grunts, “I want you to tell me how badly you want your sweet ass fucked.”

I try to find My Butch. “You’re with me you little cunt!” Hy pinches my swollen clit again.

“Fuuuck!! Meee!! Pleeeease!!” I growl in her face. Ejaculating onto the floor beneath me. Eli pounds my ass harder! Pulling out all the way and back inside again. I tremble for every inch hym. Hy slaps my pussy hard and I can’t stop cumming. Juices trickle down my thighs and settle in the crease of the backs of my knees.

Hys thrusts soften. Long strokes in and out of me. My breasts sink into me and my entire backside rests on hys drenched body behind me. Hys fingers massage my cunt. Cum spread between my lips. Eli kisses the crook of my neck drawing hys slippery fingers to my mouth. I taste myself sucking on hys fingers.

Eli withdraws hys black butch cock from my ass. My head falls back on hys shoulder with a moan. Hy releases hymself from me. Climbing to hys knees. Drops the leash in front of me and grabs hys boots. Turns hys back on me strutting away.

Eli holds hys hand out for My Butch. Reluctantly, she shakes hys hand and they both walk out of the room. I’m left alone, chained to the ceiling and left in my own mess. My clit is still pumping for more. My asshole throbbing behind me. I give up standing on my knees and fall to the moist cement. My eyelids drop and I fade to sleep with the jolting aftershocks between my hips.

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