Sorry Girls. I like BOIS!

I am so tired of being asked if I think some girl  is hot! She probably is. In someone else’s eyes. I’m just not that into her. I’m an asshole when it comes to femmes. They’re play things for me. I loose interest really quick. I was “butch” in my teenage years for a different reason than butches are butch. I wanted other lesbians to know I was a lesbian. It was like wearing a sign “I’m a dyke! Come talk to me!!” It had nothing to do with what/who I felt I was inside. It took me a long time to realize that I’m a femme who loves butches.

When it comes to checking out girls with someone I am unfortunately quite picky. I like hard femmes with that tough exterior. It’s hot! Usually, some tattoos with that rockabilly look or just a rocker chick. Think Michelle Rodriguez in Fast and Furious! THAT’S HOT to me! Again, like with butches..I don’t get to see much of them around. We all have our types.

If I must get into detail as to why I loose interest. Here it is! I’m 28 years old, I’ve lived on both sides of the butch/femme spectrum, and I’ve played it straight with the best of ’em. I’ve learned a lot about my likes and dislikes when it comes to attraction. I know if a girl is going to be a fling for me or something more. I don’t care to break hearts like I did in my younger years. Therefore, I’m not interested.

I suppose to some lesbians it’s another notch in their belt. However, I feel like crap to do that to a girl! Femmes have fallen in love with me and wanted to have a serious relationship with me. I just wasn’t all that interested for the long haul. Nothing against the girl. I’ve dated different types of femmes. I’ve had smokin’ HOT girls throw themselves at me before.

But, I LOVE bois! Bois make me want to show cleavage, wear uncomfortable shoes, throw on some make-up and dance with my best assets! A boi whispers in my ear and my knees buckle, my thighs tremble, and I get a tingle “there.” Bois make my chest start pounding, my breasts heaving, and my mind goes in places I should be whipped for! I see a boi and I think of that fresh buzzcut. Running my fingers over the little bit of hair and watching her close her eyes and smile. I love the thrill of looking at a bois jeans wondering,

“Damn! Is she packin’ tonight?” Only to dance up real close on her and feel my answer.

Bois make a mindfuck so orgasmic. She doesn’t even have to be inside of me for me to feel her fuck. She can just look at me the right way and I get that tingle again. That sexy secret butch/femme communication. It’s indescribable. I know that a butch can take me the way I need to be taken.

With all that being said. Girls don’t do it for me. Bois make my body tremble. Bois make my heart ache. Bois bring out my femme side. Bois make my world go round and my bed a mess.

Hope all of this clear. I hope I don’t have to undergo the 20 Question Lesbian Game simply because I know my type and I wont settle for less than that. Just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I like ALL women. We have types just like heterosexuals have a type that they’re attracted to.

17 thoughts on “Sorry Girls. I like BOIS!

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  2. This. I thought there might have been something wrong with me for not liking everything in a skirt… but skirts don’t do it for me for the most part. I’ll wear a skirt … for the right boi 🙂 Thanks for this!


  3. You’re welcome. Thank YOU for reading AND re-posting!! 😀
    It’s not just because they don’t dress to typical femminine ideal dress codes. They have this..umpf to them. Makes me weak. I hear ya though. I really do. *Swoon*


  4. I agree… it’s this certain look or that catch in their voice or just the fact that they carry a wallet and can take you like you want to be taken. Oh goodness – did it just get HOT in here?! O.O


  5. YES!! YES!!! And YES!!! That walk, that look, how they carry themselves. My gawd!! They’re just a breed all their own. A very, incredibly sexy breed!!!
    Fuck…I’m gunna loose it just thinking about it!!! LOL!
    Yea..I’d say it got a little hot!! Are we *Swooning* or what?!?!?!?


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