Bois Be Trippin’!!

After months of withdrawls from my laptop. It was in the hospital for several unweb related injuries. Waiting for our purchasing a house. Then, for the internet to be turned on! Grrr!! I began my usual morning with a hot cup coffee and checking my emails. If I still have time for web browsing before the kiddo wakes up, I do so. I was scoping out some Facebook status and noticed a friend of mine had posted something about butches. Being the femme that loves reading and gaining knowledge of her butch counterparts. I clicked on the link this friend posted. I wont post the link because, frankly, I don’t care to encourage interest in a blog so narrow minded.

The blog in itself was totally misrepresenting the butch lesbian as a female trying to pass as a man. That may have been the case in our history. What do you say for the new age butchies who have no reason to “pass” and are just more comfortable displaying their dominant/masculine energy by wearing men’s clothing or cutting their hair short? Perhaps, display is the wrong word? They’re just flat out comfortable appearance! 😉 Does it ALWAYS have to be some “fuck you” to society’s pressure? Can’t she or anyone just simply be cozy in what they wear without it being some sort of statement? I’m a femme who owns some menswear. It’s not my being andro, it’s just more comfortable sometimes.

What really, REALLY bothered me wasn’t the blog. It was the readers! The comments some of the other butches left were baffling my mind! Comments such as, the butch lesbian is MORE lesbian than the femme who practices man’s idea of what is sexy.

What? WHAT?? 😮

Is all my reading about Butch totally wrong?!?!

Butch sees Femme from across the room dying to run her fingers through Femme’s gorgeous long hair?!?!

Or what about those sexy stilettos! I know bois oogle over a woman in some 4″ heels! I’m aware that there are butches who do not date femmes. Who are not even attracted to femmes. I’ve never met a butch who didn’t appreciate a femme. Or at least recognize that she doesn’t dress to man’s idea of sexy!! Butch knows that Femme dresses to HER own idea of sexy. Butch is aware that Femme has a mind of HER own. Even a butch who dates other butches blushes when a femme flirts with her or calls her cute!

Butch is more of a feminist? I’m obviously not a member of the “old school” radical feminist who outcasts butchies. However, I find it difficult to conclude one woman being more of a feminist than another. Because she doesn’t wear make-up or portray any signs of femininity. Hmmm…not sure this makes sense to me. You identify yourself as female or woman…do with it however you see fit! Without causing harm to yourself or anyone else! As long as you respect yourself as a woman. Don’t put yourself in a corner simply because you’re a woman.

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!!” I had to! I HAD to go there!!! 😉

And I will sidetrack for a moment. When I was an employee at a university. I noticed some ladies wearing pink t-shirts that read, “This is what a feminist looks like.” Some of the students opted for not wearing make-up, no bra etc. I recall some girls wearing the shirt a bit too small. You could guess their bra size without being employed by Victoria Secret! Caked on make-up with beautiful kissable red lips. That reminder always whips through my mind during every feminist argument I encounter. In my opinion, the feminist movement is always about the woman being who she wants to be, dressing how she chooses without getting any crap about it from men. And especially from other women! So long as she knows her worth and has respect for HERSELF!

So, there I sat in front of the computer flabbergasted! Not only had these comments attacked my femmehood they questioned my feminist ideals!?!? I know that these things happen. Not everyone is doomed to agree with my rants. However, being in the generation we’re at now. After my relentless quest for knowledge and understanding for butch women. It got me wondering.

Has Butch been so heavily outcast by communities (hetero, LGBTQ, femmes, and feminist) that she would shun Femme? 😦 Is Butch finally so fed up with rejection that…

Femme? Really? Who appreciates every sway of that sexy swagger! Femme? Who will be the first to knock down anyone blocking your path! Femme? Really? My little lesbian world is ending at the thought of a butch detesting femme!!

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