The REAL L Word

I was suffering from a bit of insomnia last night and caught The REAL L Word.

Congrats to adding a butch/femme couple who are married and struggling to make a baby! LOL! Thanks for helping me get past my baby phase! UGH! Go away little baby phase!!!!

Whitney…ugh! Who the hell thinks this chick is attractive?!?!?! What is wrong with these women who seem to be all over her!?!?!?! Personally, I think she is GROSS! I don’t mean in her appearance. i’m talkin’ about her incredibly reckless behavior and occasional acts of guilt. Look at her! She does NOT care who she hurts or what she does! And obviously what she may get! Being a lil pimp is NOT attractive! It’s fuckin’ gross!

Whitney’s ex is in town and staying with her. They both are considering a possible hook up because they both feel that they have a strong connection. *Yawn* But whitney is hooked on Sara. She describes Sara as being a baggy of heroin dangling in front of a junkie. Interesting comparison….it’s called self-control! Even junkies have been known to go to therapy for their problems.

I know this issue isn’t exclusive to the lesbian community.We’ve seen it everywhere.

Yes. Sex is awesome! It is fun! It is fun to experience with new people, sometimes. The fun goes away when people start getting hurt. And at some point, someone is always getting hurt! This chick doesn’t seem phased at all, really.

The issue, is that some of these women are having sex with these types of women. KNOWING their reputation! KNOWING that they are consistent cheaters and lack a little thing called self-discipline. I have done my fair share of dating. I have slept with women of this nature. I have been a woman of this nature. It was fun, as long as both parties are CLEAR that the end result will be that we’re both single after that night, day, or morning booty call.

I think we’re foolish sometimes with the belief that we can change some people. It just isn’t possible.The only person who can change their behavior is THAT person. It doesn’t matter how much you claim to love them. I don’t think Whitney wants a relationship and these women have to see that, right? Puhleeze! Get over the fairytale bullshit!

There was a time in my life when I did NOT want a relationship. At all. I just wanted to be single. Enjoy, the fruits of being single…err…lol! No. Fruits work lol. I didn’t want to commit to any woman until I knew for sure that I could be in a relationship with her.I’m not saying I’m any better. I have been like little Whitney before, too.


At the end of the episode. After she sneaked out with Sara. Whitney gives this bullshit statement of wondering who decides what’s wrong or right? Is what she did wrong because everybody else thinks it’s wrong or is it wrong because her roommate says it’s wrong? Not that she, Whitney, thinks it’s wrong. Sounds like someone is trying to avoid responsibility. Grrrr!!! Ya know. If you’re gunna be a player at least own it and take some responsibility for it.

True. Whitney is not in a committed relationship with either of these women. So, I don’t think she did anything wrong running off with Sara. BUT, if you feel the need to sneak out of your own home. That is a sign that YOU know that what you are doing is NOT right for yourself! YOU know that you are treading on dangerous grounds!

It is my personal belief and experience that if you have strong feelings for a girl/boi that you will clean up your act real quick to get that girl/boi. You will show that you ONLY want them. And continue to show that they are the ONLY one you want, even after you’ve won them!

Like Tina from The L Word has said, “If you love someone, why would it be difficult to be faithful?” Something along those lines.

Uhhh…I don’t get it. LOL!

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