Who’s My Hubby??

i know i haven’t mentioned much wedding stuff lately. or written much of anything at all. sorry, to those of you who actually follow this shit. LOL

to put it bluntly. “giddy girl” left this house, town, stole the car, all my luggage, and pretty wedding plans.


a couple of marital happenings have occurred. : /   i try…sort of.

we did go to a lawyer and have the domestic partner papers signed…err…i think it was just one paper. so, i guess in some ways we got it easy? and it just takes one signature to um..become…undomestic? lol

that was a little odd. a little final. but, not so final at the same time. i can’t explain that. it’s like a lost soul in purgatory…you’re not really in hell, but you’re not in heaven, either. you’re just…in between. does that make sense? hope so..that’s the only comparison i can conjure at the moment. sorry, if it’s a little dark…i’ve had no sleep. mmmkay?

the second thing that has happened is that i have begun calling X my hubby. not husband…strictly Hubby. i really don’t call her my girlfriend anymore except when i’m talking about her on here, because i have not blogged this bit of our relationship dynamic to y’all. that’s been tough. trying to remember that my FB don’t know i call her that. i can hear wheels turning…wtf? lol

it’s nothing really specific that got me saying that. it…was just right for her. i mean, really? if ya know, X …she is not in any means…a wife. call me old fashioned but she works a tough job, provides for our family, the leader of our pack, direct…wife doesn’t suit her. i think hubby is a good between genders term. she doesn’t seem to mind…so i’ll keep it up!! everyone else will just have to deal with the uniqueness of another couple’s relationship.

oh..and because i can’t seem to think of a need for a registry. umm..money works lol. isn’t that an option for some weddings…guests put money in like a honeymoon pit or something like that?? that’s all i can think of. *AHEM*  Dyke of Honor…you reading.

but that is the extent of those wedding plans. i feel like i’ve been married for almost 4yrs. we’ve had our ups & downs and like some committed married couples we’ve overcome those obstacles.


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