Femme Vs. Femme

I joke about being jealous. It’s funny to me. My Hubby doesn’t like me joking about it….so I have experienced some jealousy through our years. I DO feel I have experienced the same femme vs. femme situations.

C’mon. Some of us girlies Soooo know what I’m talking about, right? I know that there are different levels of femmes. Some of us are hardcore, more of a top, some bottoms, pillow princess, and some of are the “straigh looking” high maintence girlies. I’m still unsure as to where I fit in those catagories except for the “straight looking” but I am not high maintence.

Ok…V.V. ..get to the friggin’ point!!

Some femmes have the great fortune to find other like-minded girlies to be friends with. Pure friendship. Respecting each other’s relationships. Not trying to take another girl’s boi. Congrats to y’all! I and a few other girlies I know, however, have not had such luck.

We go to a girl bar or some lesbian event. Single or with our butch and we get those dagger stares the moment we walk in. When I’ve gone to the bar on my own and my friends are ready to go, but I’m not. I have stuck around said bar and have attempted to chime in other ladies’ conversations. Some girls were discussing how they apply eyeliner and I cut in with some random comment about how I do mine or how much I love black eyeliner! And this chick gave me a nasty look??

There have been other occasions when my girlfriend and I have gone out, at the bar ordering a drink while other lesbians are being loud and obnoxious, as usual. They said some kind of Freudian slip and I made a crack at them. I thought it was funny. I would laugh if it were me. Hubby thought it was funny and quite appropriate. But, the person who made the slip looked at me like I was dogshit on her shoe?

Ummm….i dunt git it??

At the same time I have left for the bathroom on a few occasions and these dagum femmes come up to MY Hubby! What? Yes! FLIRT with MY damn Hubby!

While the cats’ away the mice will play. BITCHES!

I’ve even had this treatment from femme bartenders! They give me nasty looks and my Hubby gets treated like a friggin’ king! Ugh…I love bois!

AND SO DO THEY!!! That’s my point. We femmes are dirty bitches. Excuse my slang for those who are offended with the word Bitch…get your big girl panties!

For bois to find a decent femme out there…it is apparently slim pickins. From my own single life experience..it’s friggin’ hard as HELL to find a good boi!! Especially in the “scene.” So, like the rest of the animal kingdom…we spread out our peacock feathers, stick out our throats, ruffle our breast feathers….ya get my drift. It’s a territorial thing, a competitive thing. We’re all after the same thing & wont rest till we get it…BOIS!! LOL!

My Hubby was sort of choosing between me and another girl. Reading her blogs and myspace “about me” everything was pretty plain and simple on how to get her. Not that I really played any games. I did feel the competition to be everything she wanted in a girl. It was an interesting balance between neither of us wanting a relationship and prove to her that I wanted her! It wasn’t difficult, really, because I was sooo drawn to her! LOL

To this day I still give that other girl an “evil bitch stare” or “daggers” from an entirely different state! It’s sick…I know. It’s that  competitive animal kingdom thang.

I would also suggest that we’re just as guilty as other lesbians in the community. Maybe, the femme in our presence isn’t really a lesbian. The “straight looking” girls get to play 20 questions everywhere we go. And it is quite possible that we do it to each other. Why wouldn’t it? We are all judgmental to some extent and we lesbians definitely do our fair share of assuming one girls’ sexuality for them. *AHEM* you’re not a real lesbian if you’ve had sex with men. Wow! Talk about an exclusive club! The lesbian dress code manual I didn’t know about while growing into my sexual identity. Boots, short hair, plaid…more plaid, some stripes, more fucking plaid!!!

At first, I really did think I was going nuts when I noticed this behavior from other femmes. I thought that I was being an insecure biotch! Then my Hubby noticed it, too. And then she realized women ONLY talk to her when I’ve left for a pee break or drink!

Bitches! 😉

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