Goodbye Angelina Jolie

she’s been pissing me off…and now i think i must bid her farewell. 😦

Ooooh Angelina. she has been my sick major crush since FoxFire. i seriously thought she was THE hottest BITCH on the planet. when i think of dating a femme, i think of her! her badass, demented, sexiness! those eyes. those damn lips! that body. OMG! that was then…i’m here to reflect on now.

i’m disappointed. usually, i can pick out a movie angelina is going to act in and believe that the film will be awesome. for the longest time that has been the relationship with her and i. she, in my opinion, had a knack for some fucked up awesome movies. and no matter how “out of her mind” she had to portray herself. example: Gia & Girl Interrupted. she still looked hot and her acting was just awesome. like she’s really in that character. but…she’d pick a good movie!

tonight, i rented Salt. angelina! gain some weight! PLEASE!! my gosh she used to have this sexy toned looking body….now she just looks skin and bones. when i think of a woman kicking ass or in some espionage movie…i think she better have some damn muscle! there aren’t a lot of women portrayed as the leader in action movies. not many that i’ve seen, anyway. if y’all know of some that i haven’t seen…PLEASE pass on some movie titles. i don’t know.

the first movie that made me stop following angelina jolie around like a lost puppy was Taking Lives. it’s been too long ago since i’ve seen that one to recall what it was that disappointed me in that film. i just know it upset me that the acting and movie were both boring. my first response was, “that was an angelina jolie movie? ya did me wrong.”

then..after so many movies she’s done later…i took another chance on her with Wanted. i thought it was all right. not her best…the creaters went psycho with special effects. ok..that’s normal. but again…disappointed in her choice of movies. uggh…woman. you’re killin’ me.

now..salt. goodbye, angelina. i will no longer assume a movie might be good simply because you’re in it, anymore. i give up on you.

what’s happened to you? not only does your choice in movies suck…but i’m really concerned about your damn health! EAT SOMETHING, PLEASE!!! i don’t know what the deal is with her crazy skinny self?

there’s my rant. it was just on my mind.i hate  being so loyal to some celebrities. luckily, i’m shallow about stars. maybe, one day i’ll find another that can turn my head like she did. Charlize Theron did it a couple of times. Hmmm…so far i’ll just keep an eye on her lol

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