The Pitfalls of Social Networking..

i have been toying with this one for a LONG time now.

myspace (once upon a time), facebook, twitter…who knows what comes next?

though, i partake in these shallow exhibits of socializing….i SOOOOO don’t agree with them. DON’T get me wrong while i blog here! i love that i have found old friends from when i was in elementary school, jr. high, and high school. i guess some of you have noticed that not much about me has changed. i’m still some goofy loud ass bitch LOL!!

my observation from browsing other people’s pages, blog sites, NEWS sites, and hearing other people’s stories. well…damn…the internet and social networking sites are waay more cruel than just meeting up for lunch, coffee, or some face to face meeting like that.

i hear about fears of loosing friends simply because you may have a disagreement online! really? as a fan of debates and being the mouth in my family…fuck that! if a person can just easily click the delete button because of a difference in opinion…i don’t consider them friends. if a person cannot emphasize with your pain and would rather argue against it…i don’t consider them friends. thems the breaks. call me friggin’ old school with friendships. i have disagreements with my partner a lot…i’m not deleting her. there’s lots of people i honestly don’t agree with…i may or may not choose to say something. i wouldn’t just delete them based on a disagreement. we’re human. we’re blessed with free will and free thought and yes…the freedom to change our minds. we shouldn’t delete the few genuine people from our lives over an online mishap.

i experienced loosing a great friend whom i have never met before. simply because our communication got TOTALLY misunderstood through emails. it was sad for the both of us. we really missed each other! and both brought to light our cons with internet interaction. if we could have seen each other’s faces or heard each other’s tone of voice. we both would have known that we were being genuine friends to each other and would not have lost any time in the friendship.

when i read some of the crap people say to each other just because there’s the option to leave a comment. uggh…if we were at a restaurant i’d ditch these people for them to cover the fucking tab! seriously, i’d rather take ignorant bullying from some random ‘tard than someone i added to my facebook friend‘s list!

honestly, if you wouldn’t have the balls to say something to my face…don’t post it. social networking is to be a place where one can express themselves (myspace)…and that turned into a welcome mat for others to insult or bully. how did that happen? facebook still holds true with expressing yourself through blogs, pictures, and status updates. i have not looked into twitter (not personnally) and i will not. the idea to merely just update your status for everything i do in my life is just unappealing to me.

we’re not celebrities! the world doesn’t care if you’ve hit the starbucks, then mossied over to victoria secret. 5mins later and you’re at the ice cream shop ordering a vanilla bean sundea!! arrg! anyways.

i called my aunt on her birthday seriously expecting to just leave a voice mail. that’s all you usually hear now a days when you call someone. and when you leave a message they respond with a damn text. i miss voices! so it shocked the fuck outta me that my aunt answered her phone…I BLANKED OUT! i couldn’t think of anything else to say after the happy birthday wish.

when i was done giggling with my aunt over my own shock. this blog rolled through my conscious. sooo…i’ve been working on this since October. i have seriously avoided the social network. i’m not apologizing. i don’t like the world these things are creating. there’s nothing i can do about it. and that’s ok, too. all i can do is express my observations. take what people comment with a grain of salt and laugh thinking everyone is just looking for something to argue about and needs a pedestal to preach at about nothing, their own views they can’t seem to voice out in the general public. it’s cool….i guess. it’s krunk. i’m down with it…every now and then.

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