Coerced Rape?

A blog I read from a couple of weeks ago stewing in my mind. This may be something i need to look further into. But, I’m practicing fierce skepticism!
Apparently, one may call themselves a coerced rape victim. It is my understanding, from reading this woman’s blog. That one may be forced to have sex one or many people by verbal pressure? No gun held to her head! Not a blade in sight to slash her throat! No punching her around till knocked unconscious! Just incessant “C’mon…let’s do it, baby!” Till you can’t stand the “attackers” voice.
Really? Has it come to that? Are we really a society that absolutely cannot take responsibility for our own ill decisions? And I stress on decisions, here! That we would put life altering charges on another human being??
Are we all so easily sympathetic?
Call me a cold-hearted Bitch! I am not sympathetic to someone that STILL had the option to leave an unwanted sexual situation! Why didn’t she just leave? Afraid some rumors would circulate? You had a crush on the guy and didn’t wanna seem prude? WTF?
My next question. Does this sort of thing of have any clout in a criminal investigation? With all the new cyber-bullying & what-nots, is coerced rape seriously in a rape investigation category??
If that’s so. Then may I press charges on society as a whole for every man that I slept with while I was in the closet? I’m just askin’?
I wonder if REAL rape victims are offended?
You’re talking about someone pressuring you to have sex with them without physically hurting you! Maybe some slandering in the schoolyard? FINE! Who doesn’t deal with that throughout school?
And if you’re naive to believe people didn’t talk shit about you then you’re the one they talked about the most! You were just in your own little fucking world! Everybody talked shit about everybody in school…it was better than television LOL!
Anyways! Are you really so afraid of being frowned upon by anyone that you would twist a situation so dramatically??
YOU could still say, “NO!” YOU could still LEAVE! YOU could still let someone know another person or group of people are making you feel uncomfortable!!
NO RAPE victim has those options! NO RAPE victim is granted the free will to leave their situation! A RAPE victim is lucky if she can tell you their attackers’ name or what they looked like! A RAPE victim can mostly, uncomfortably, awkwardly, shamefully remember, has nightmares trying to forget their attackers haunting voice & their disgusting hands all over her! A RAPE victim remembers how many times she tried saying, “NO!” How hard she fought to free herself from her attackers’ hold! How pitiful she felt when she tired out from physically fighting with her attacker! How confused she was believing that tiring might have been what saved her! How gross she felt when her attacker fled! Ashamed to tell anyone, but desperately seeking someone to listen & calm her! Fears it was something she had done! Contemplating ways she could have done things differently!
FUCK YOU! COERCED RAPE? FUCK YOU! YOU could still LEAVE! YOU could still say, “NO!” YOU still had options, YOU just ignored them! FUCK YOU!

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