Our Own Worst Enemies

Hubby and I FINALLY got a kid-free weekend!! Though, the both of us really weren’t in the mood for clubbing this weekend we did it anyways. Correction. I guess I wasn’t really in the mood! I know *GASP* We had good times..but damn I just felt blogs a brewing this weekend. My poor Hubby had to hear my rough drafts spewing from my mouth on the way home. LOL..lots of love to her!!
What the hell is wrong with women??
I never wear shorts! Not any above the knee out in public.

I have a pair of board shorts that I absolutely adore with a muscle tank & flip flops! On one of our adult nights this weekend I sucked it up to wear some cut offs, dressed up a bit with a cool top, accessories and of course…4 1/2″ heels! DAMN!! I LOVE my heels…even though I think my toes are starting to feel that damage. I had been thinking about this entire outfit for a few weeks!!
Uggh! Might have to kiss my fabulous stiletto collection goodbye soon *sigh.*

I, being a “fuckable size 16,” working out, eating right and tanning on a semi regular basis. I felt like I had just stepped out of a fashion mag with this new outfit!
Ladies, HOW OFTEN do WE EVER get to FEEL this way about ourselves??? Umm…let’s say that moment is crushed the moment size 16 steps out to a public place!! I know there are some women we look at and wonder if they checked themselves in the mirror before leaving the house. *AHEM* shorts barely below their ass, a top with all their goodies hangin’ out and lookin’ like a 50 cent hooker. I promise I DIDN’T LOOK LIKE THAT!!! And even though I am a size 16 my body carries my weight very well in the RIGHT places!! What do they call it..HWP (height, weight proportionate)! A gay man even gave me a compliment later that evening and we all know how brutally honest they can be!
My girlfriend and I compliment each other on a VERY regular basis. So, if any of my friends should think I’m conceited blame it on my girlfriend who boosts my self-loathing days up without even trying. And continues to do so even on regular days!

We decided to have dinner and margaritas at Cafe Adobe around my ol’ stomping grounds in town. Cafe Adobe has windows surrounding the dinning area and the people can look outside. But, I wonder if those dinning realize that the people they’re starring at can look right at them as well. There was this “big” woman inside near a window who kept looking at me and motioning with her eyes for her man friend, husband whatever to look where she was looking at. Girls, ya know the eye motions I’m talkin’ about. The “Oh my God! I can’t believe she’d have the nerve to walk out like that.” Again, my friends I didn’t look like skank. But, y’all know I don’t dress like skank. I’m just a li’l fashionista! I looked dressed up for summer & fun. I looked at myself in the mirror several times before leaving the house!!

I never wear shorts. I was nervous. Drove Hubby insane with “Does this REALLY look ok?” Ugggh…my poor girlfriend. Hubby wouldn’t lie to me about looking bad! It would bruise her Leo ego if I left lookin’ like crap!
First off, Ladies! Why in the hell would you point out another woman to your partner?? YOU may think she looks like skank, trash, whatever! But your partner is silently THANKING you for pointing out hottness. You’ve given the eyes permission to stare about as long you did..for completely different reasons! If you’re bitching about whatever that girl is wearing…they’re NOT listening. Nod and smile is a pretty basic rule when it comes to this scenario.

“Yea, Baby.” *Grin* Thinkin’ “OOooh thank you Baby!” Sad truth ya probably didn’t wanna hear. But, unless ya plan on checking out the hottie with your partner…you’re only getting yourself into trouble!
Another sad fact, Ladies. This behavior in NO way makes you any more attractive. This is a JEALOUS and INSECURE habit! Your partner is turned off. You gave yourself more trouble, cuz now your partner knows that you’re nothing but a jealous BITCH! Yes, I said it.

How about you consider an alternative? Instead, of behaving like a 3yr old sissy. How about ya turn up your game a notch?

Half the time that girl that’s lookin’ fly is gettin’ enough attention..good or bad. Either way, she’s getting it and you can’t stand it, yet you’re giving it, too. As well as inviting others in on it! FIGHT BACK!! Instead, pick up your posture some. It’s amazing what a little posture maintenance can do to a person. Externally and internally. At the table, apply some of that lipstick ya let fall to the bottom of your purse. Have you any idea how erotic that may seem to your partner??

If ya see someone walk in that makes you a little insecure about yourself…turn the tables. Draw the attention back to YOU. Draw it from your
partner or yes even from YOURSELF!

My other issue…why are we so quick to talk shit about each other? We spend enough time destroying ourselves alone why help each other do this? I don’t get it!

I will walk right up to a random woman I think is lookin’ hot and tell her so.
Hubby says I can do that because I am femme. Says she’d get slapped if she did anything like that. Lol *sigh* butchie. Truth is, as women, we LOVE attention! We LOVE to be noticed! We LOVE a good clean compliment!! And I think it’s a million times better
coming from another woman because we’re each others worst enemy most of the time! And that doesn’t make a lick o’ sense to me!

Rant complete! 😉

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