Sexual Favors

We all know I am quite a big…Big…BIG fan of strappy sex. However, there are some things a girl doesn’t neccasarily enjoy doing at first, but ultimately WILL do for the sake of her partner. Call it a sexual favor? NOT an obligation! Though, it is easily mistook as such.
I love it when my boi dons the strappy. I love that she can hold me and touch me more while she wears said strappy. Not to mention a li’l ..well a lot more aggressive!! 😉 I get excited like a kid in a candy store when we shop for the next dong. My body trembles when we’re hot in the moment and she whispers in my ear, “I’ll be right back. Don’t move!” And struts over to our toy chest! Whilst she applies the harness to her body I can’t help but feel my own wetness only for her to come over, slap my hand away and remind me “I said, don’t move.” Yes, I’m quite mischeivious sometimes. Tee hee hee! Ok…most of the time!
But what some of us run into is the ever loving gender role playing extreme from our butch. Extreme seems way too harsh a word, but the one that unfortunatly comes to mind.
Basically, ya want me to put what in my mouth?

This may seem like a pointless act to our hetero counterparts. But a lesbian can certainly say the same for your sexual acts. *GAG* It’s a genderfucking taboo that most girls if ya try using a strap-on…can be quite liberating, exciting, and just a fun mindfuck, Darlin!
Here’s the ticker with the dick! Butch-cock has several shapes and sizes. This is not a complaint by ANY means! But, how’s that supose to fit in the hole on my face which does not stretch like the hole that can pop out 7-8lb babies?
A little intimadating at first, my love! But, it was just as intimadating for me to let you wiggle it into my va jay jay. And we both had a lot of fun at that…the proof of which is now covering your cock!

Mmm yes good job Butch Daddi good job!! Now…
Your sexual favor!
Ya got this li’l femme slut where she needs/wanted to be…I want you to get the same high. Though, I might not look forward to it AT FIRST. Once, I hear your moans and words of encouragement. Or even remaining in character with your naughty name calling. Trust me…li’l femme slut doesn’t stop dripping or throbbing and might even crave another go proceeding to climb ontop of you. Let you lay back and I’ll just ride it! As if you’d complain!! It’s possible I’d want to suck ya off AGAIN just to get ANOTHER taste of my sexual bliss residue!

Ya never know how this girly girl may wanna go when wrapped in the throws of a good fuck!
It’s not AT ALL an obligation. To put it bluntly, it’s almost a way of thanks, for me…at first. A favor to you! Sex is a shared relationship of give and take, in my opinion.
I may be a “pillow princess” but I do thoroughly enjoy getting my butchie off by any means neccassary…and by doing so in so-called “selfish” femme fashion gets me off.
I’m a submissive femme. I will act like a brat. I will play reluctant at something only to have my butchie totally dominate me in bed in any and everyway. I will put up teasing fights, etc etc…all in the great fun of reaching an amazing orgasm! For the BOTH of us!
Contrary to popular belief. Just because one is a pillow princess does not in anyway mean we are selfish girls that like to lay on our backs! We know what makes our butch happy! We are aware that you are serenly wrapped in juicy euphoria when your femme thrust into your mouth and our legs encaging; what to us feels like your entire body into ours!

We know that butchie is pleased to please us. To hear our moans, screaming your name or “MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE,” is another orgasmic verbal tendency in our bedroom.
But sweet, amazing, genderfucking, mindfucking, BUTCH we promise it is in NO WAY an obligation to suck your butch-cock!  We love a moment when we can actually DO something to PLEASE you. We know you love the mental image. We know you love the mental experience…we do too actually! I believe YOU can feel my mouth on your cock, you can feel everything I’m doing to your dick just by your incredible imagination. If not for that mental thought process I doubt our sex would be near as mindblowing!
This act does not represent the same experience as sucking a man’s cock. I wont go into those details for the sake of my own stomach and any of our friends. One thing is blatently clear…YOU ARE NOT A MAN! We femmes know this and this is one of the MANY traits we love about our BUTCH!

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