Marilyn Monroe was a very fuckable size 14!

thoroughly enjoying playing catch up with blogs and news….and termites crawling under my skin. not really…just the feeling this world is putting me under.
i’m literally getting sick and constantly reminded why i have to take a break 😛 kim kardashian is a full-figured heifer at a size 2? yet, the tabloid is stating that she is confused for admitting to loving her curves, but offended about being called full-figured. ya know, a woman can’t win. skinny-girl friggin society! i would love the fact that i even have curves with such a little waistline! but hell yes i’d be pissed if a size 2 is STILL considered “full-figured!” what’s it gunna take??
8yr olds experiencing anorexia??
what? go play!!
8yr olds shouldn’t be concerned with fashion or weight..counting calories?? i could blame Bratz…like concerned mothers blamed Barbie in the late 50’s. i could blame the posing corpses in popular fashion magazines. but i can’t….where the hell are the parents that provide support to boost their child’s image? whatever happened to the parent that had their child sit at the table until they finished their veggies. Ha i don’t think i was ever that kid. i was forced to eat red meat from what i remember. as a parent i don’t want the world to parent for me. i don’t want to point fingers at the people that are trying to give the world what they think they want…and though it’s a sad world…it is…sadly..still a man’s world and that’s just the fact on the skinny girl issue.
as a woman i would love to see real women wearing the clothes or products i am about to purchase! what is it REALLY going to look like on someone like me? anyway..we know i don’t have a weight, body image issue…chubby size 16 here
i do feel things are getting out of hand in the fashion industry. Marilyn Monroe was once believed to be a very fuckable size 14! that “desired” waistline keeps dropping to unrealistic limits!!

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