I’m Just Sayin

could it be that we have lost all manners? oh sweet alcohol..why do you make one feel so good?
someone would say things they normally wouldn’t say. arguments arise that wouldn’t normally erupt?
lol but for me..right now…cold chills. it’s tid bit nippy in this house right now…blood must be thinning?
i wonder what i’ve done. what i think was right. what i think i wanted. uggh!
i give my all. everything i think i can give.
i try to give.
only to be disrespected…
i can get paid for that anywhere!
sure, it was just a bag in front of the couch.
just a cd book atop the pillows resting on the couch in the livingroom
and then you dare tell me that you notice that i’ve been busy today?
but you lack the effort it took for me to move all the furniture to sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, & keep a 9yr old from running over all the hard work
but you make the money
the big dolla, right?
is this my role? is that what i signed up for? seriously? i’d rather get paid for being trampled over. at least i could treat myself to a new outfit every paycheck
fer reelz, yo!

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